Why Can My Cat Therefore Needy? – 7 Reasons Explained

Is your cat constantly searching for your attention? We are aware that feeling. Some cats can get incredibly clingy to the point at which it is almost annoying. Not that we don’t enjoy our cozy friends, we simply don’t like to get awakened by constant meowing in the night. In this informative article, we’re stating 7 reasons why your kitty is so needy and what you can do about it.


Do you recall , back in college, when you needed to step in front of the course to present a topic that you didn’t understand anything about? You probably wanted someone was with you in that time.

Just like individuals, cats could be insecure and get nervous due to outside circumstances. In this case, your kitty wishes to have you about to feel secure, secure and comfortable.

It is important to get to the origin why your cat might feel insecure in your home. Could it be a brand new sofa, a moved armchair or a different odor from the living room, pay close attention to your cat and observe its behaviors. This way you can avoid your cat feeling not so comfortable in the first place.

But if your furry friend is additional curricular because it doesn’t feel cozy due to a minor change in your home, you may generally rest simple. Cats adapt for their plight quickly, especially if it’s only a new seat in the room.


We all like to express our love physically one way or another. It’s no wonder that cats want to do the same, is it?

Should you happen to own a cuddly cat who loves you a whole lot, you got yourself a destitute feline, easy as that.

This is probably the sweetest motive as to why cats could be clingy at times. It is a heartwarming sense to know this lovely being meows, frees you and cuddles with you since it simply wishes to be with you.

It is also the one motive where you can not really do anything except approving it and hugging back your kitty. But let us be honest, what are a few sleepless nights in comparison to unconditional love?


Notably in towns, you are the only food provider to your cat. Since they can’t search for mice frequently, cats are completely dependent on their owners to nourish them.

So as cats can’t communicate very as we’d like them to, there are not many methods of showing you that they are hungry. The majority of the time, this leads to your cat hugging and massaging your thighs until you eventually hand out some delicious food.


Cats need action. When not played with, they could get bored when staying at home all day very fast. We are all aware that it is almost crazy how far they sleep, but even they can not sleep all day. The rest must be filled with activity!

You want to spend some quality time with your kitty for it to be satisfied during the day. Mind you, in this context, we don’t correlate excellent time with cuddles!

Not only is your cat too tired to become clingy anyhow, but it’s also emotionally satisfied with you caring for this.

Take it from Catster, the famous cat magazine from the US:”Play provides vital stimulation”, which is precisely what you need to make your cat sleep through the night rather than needing your focus in 3AM in the morning.


If you experience radical behavior changes on your cat, it is almost always best to plan a fast trip to the vet. Your feline being overly needy is no exception and it can be a means of telling you that something isn’t right.

Now keep in mind this is the least possible reason behind the kitty always sticking onto you, but we’ve it the most important one in this list. The well-being of your sweetheart has the highest priority.

So, if your cat was not needy before and suddenly sticks on you like glue, consider a vet appointment.


This may seem like the second reason we mentioned previously but hear us out: A cat that endured from being abandoned in the past is different from a cat which generally loves you. Quite distinct actually.

Kitties that were separated by their mommy or their owner got their heart broken early on. It is just natural that they don’t need this to occur again.

Tips to introduce your new Cat

Therefore, your kitty continually hangs on to you since they do not want you to leave it alone. It is literally your cat telling you”Please do not go!” .

This situation is rather tricky to address and requires a lot of time investment from your side. You have to make certain your cat understands you will always come back, otherwise you can not appreciate a single minute alone with yourself or someone else.

You have to overwhelm your kitty with love. This way, you will leave no doubt you will always remain by your sweetheart’s side — no matter what.

It is also possible to pick up the hobby of creating an Instagram page to the cat to make it famous!


We’re certain you noticed that we enjoy metaphors by now, so brace yourself for the following one: Can you ever walk into a room filled with people you didn’t know at all? A situation in this way can become a bit uncomfortable, particularly if you are not the outgoing, extrovert type of person.

If you introduce a cat into a household with different members, it can truly feel exactly the exact same way. “Who’s my friend? . Your kitty unconsciously believes about that.

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