Giving Company to Ryder!

A few weeks before, a missing grey cat made his way into TLC Cat Clinic. The very first thing our staff did was scan for a microchip, and fortunately, this kitty had one! We contacted the microchip business to retrieve the operator’s information and called/emailed his owners. Fortunately, they maintained his microchip advice up-to-date, and Vicki arrived at the clinic to pick up her cat, Ryder!
We’re so pleased to have helped reunite Ryder with his family and therefore are grateful that his owners not just microchipped Ryder but also retained their information up to date.

Ryder is a cat who loves to roam. He came to us seven decades ago as a teeny kitten — he was born a barn cat, and he rode beneath our neighbor’s automobile from up beyond St. Cloud. They attempted to coax him out about halfway to no avail. Our children were able to get him out and he quickly became part of our loved ones. And that’s how he got his title.

He thinks he is a puppy (we have three) and likes to go out whenever they do. He has made a slew of friends from the neighborhood and typically stays within a one-block radius. Unfortunately, one cross street is somewhat busier, and well-meaning people that aren’t familiar with him occasionally mistake him for missing.

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Two decades ago, around this exact same time of year, he went missing. It took us over a week to track him down, and he was one day off from being adopted to another family at the Humane Society. The next day he received his microchip!
We’re so grateful yesterday when we received the call from your practice and highly suggest all pets be deciphered. Ryder is also sporting a new breakaway collar with our title, number, and speech. In addition to a notice he knows his way home! But if he find himself on the opposite side of the town, we will rest easy knowing his Home Again microchip will help him find his way back to us.

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